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JUNE BUG (Animal ID: A479778)

Female ::Adult ::Medium

June Bug 479778
3 years old
HW negative

In foster care since 12/26
June is super sweet and affectionate. She gets along well with other dogs given the proper introduction. She loves being chased, wrestling and playing tug. She is not reactive but tends to invade other dogs personal space which can aggravate other dogs who may not like that behavior.

She knows her basic commands, responds to her name and is house broken. She is crated when we are not home but has shown some separation anxiety after a longer periods (over 5 hours). She has NOT done any damage to our house- she just wants to be close to her other dog friends.

She is good with children and has never displayed mean or violent behavior towards anything or anyone however I recommend a home with older kids, or kids who are familiar with dogs as she is excitable and tends to be jumpy up when playing. Homes with shy, nervous children who run from dogs would not work obviously.

She loves fetch!

She has not been cat tested but she has an inquisitive personality and I imagine she would want to get to know the kitty in a playful way.

She is a complete joy. She is sweet and loving, loves to snuggle (with people and dogs) in bed and on the couch but knows `off` and will happily lay in her bed as well. She is right by my side while I work and will let me know when she wants to go outside.

She is not a barker, very gentle and gives lots of kisses.

She is ok on a leash but needs a little work, she tends to get excited when she sees other dogs and can pull, because of this and her energy level a fenced backyard and a dog friend would be best for her in my opinion.

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