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BUTTER (Animal ID: A497907)

Female ::Senior ::Medium

Butter''s foster family describes her best:

Butter is the most resilient, courageous, and inspiring dog I''ve ever met. I came across Butter when I was dropping off some marketing materials to the shelter.

She had lost 10 pounds in a month at the shelter and was so sick. She had an acute upper respiratory infection that was about to be pneumonia. I took this little bones-on-a-leash home, and for a week, hand-fed her wet food covered in molasses. She wouldn''t even eat that. I later noticed that her teeth had been grinded down to the roots. She has no front teeth (upper or bottom).

Butter is as gentle and low-key as any dog could possibly be. Walks beyond 30 minutes are more than enough, and she''s a Level 1 napper! Her favorite activity is sitting on my balcony and watching life happen. She loves my dog but is quite submissive as she doesn''t seem to know quite how to `play.` But she''s playful and loving with Charlie (my dog), and they snuggle often.

She''s in the crate for most of the day while I''m at work. I''ve potty trained her, and we haven''t had an accident in months. She can be a bit of a chewer (which is surprising given her dental situation!), so I find it best to crate her when I''m out of the house. She is great at sharing her toys and food.

Large groups and loud noises make Butter nervous, she''s happiest relaxing in a calm environment.

Nothing makes my heart warmer than to hear her tail thumping when she''s happy, which she almost always is. A quiet home and a place to watch life would be her paradise.

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