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KIPP (Animal ID: A851532)

Male ::Adult ::Large

Kipp is a volunteer and staff favorite who we affectionately call a velcro dog. He gets along with other dogs, but thinks attention from his person is the best. Kipp lives for snuggles and had a wonderful time away from the shelter on a sleepover. This calm and gentle boy is ready to go from slumber party to furever home!

Foster notes:

''ve been fostering Kipp for the past few weeks and thought I''d share some pictures I''ve gathered of this amazing animal. As you''ll see, he is a great walking and running partner. He loves running into other friendly dogs and sharing a few sniffs. I had a doggy date with a friend of mine and they absolutely loved each other. We ended up back at their place and they played and played. It was so fun to watch.

At home, he''s chill but always down to play tug of war if you want. But he does a good job of matching my energy. If I''m in a Netflix or video game mood, he recognizes that and plops next to me on the couch and either chews on one of his toys or lays his head in my lap.

I''ve brought him with me to coffee shops and restaurants and he''s been very well behaved. In fact, the baristas and servers couldn''t stop gushing over him lol - I thought he was going to get adopted right then and there!

Anyway, I''ve been a happy foster parent. I think he''s happy too - it''s easily to spoil a dog as sweet as he is :-)

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