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SMOKE (Animal ID: A855923)

Male ::Adult ::Medium

Smoke is UNBELIEVABLY our longest resident at the shelter. Volunteers LOVE this sweet guy. Here's what his favorite volunteer had to say about him after spending time with him outside the chaotic walls of an overcrowded, inner city shelter:

I'm so excited to share Smoke!! I can’t believe this beautiful boy has been in the shelter since July of last year! We need to find this boy a home. He has been there way too long! He is so sweet and so well behaved. It was really special to see his wonderment at being out of the shelter. Everything was a source of curiosity for him. He's very cute and has an even cuter bounce in his step; he prances when he walks! He appears to be housebroken, is calm around other dogs, very affectionate with his humans. He loves car rides, going for a long walks and even easy to control on a leash. He’s a nice size, too, right around 45llbs.

PLEASE come meet this boy now. Smoke is beyond deserving of a home. We'd like it to be a forever one but if you can only foster him, that will work. Let's get the crazy label of `longest resident` gone!!

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