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For the Week of 6/19 - 6/25


Current Dog Population

Updated Daily

Target Population

At or Below by Tuesday at 7pm

Our ultimate goal is to be below the optimum humane capacity of 325 dogs housed in our shelter. We are working in increments each week to achieve this, but until we can make that goal a reality, unfortunately, euthanasia is a potential outcome for any animal brought into the shelter given this space crisis. Please come adopt today and save a life.

Dogs Most At Risk

Content Warning and Trigger Warning: Euthanasia of Companion Animals

Given the overwhelming number of dogs housed at Fulton County Animal Services, our team is faced with making extremely difficult and expedited decisions regarding their pathway to a home. The dog profiles you see on this page are most at risk of euthanasia for space and have the most critical need of leaving the shelter behind. This page is updated daily.

At-risk dogs are those who need some extra advocacy to make it out of the shelter. These risks may include, but are not limited to, ones associated with behavioral concerns, quality of life concerns, behavioral deterioration in the shelter or length of stay. Their profiles below provide details about their placement needs. Many of the dogs listed below have minor behavioral or health issues which, when paired with us reaching critical capacity, lead to deterioration in a shelter environment and expose many animals to preventable illnesses. Due to overcrowding and limited resources, we can no longer house them at the shelter and are seeking immediate placement with a foster or adopter where we know they will thrive.

Our goal is to provide transparent counseling and set each dog and family up for success when making a match. We will do our best to work with all interested adopters, including those who reside out of state. However, foster homes must be located within a reasonable driving distance to our shelter in the case of medical or behavioral emergencies. Please understand that each dog you see on this page has unique needs and may not be suited for all home environments. We want to empower those who come to adopt or foster to make the best matches for their homes and lifestyles while still saving lives.

To foster or adopt a dog you see on this page, please visit the shelter immediately and speak with our team to see if they would be a good fit for your home. We are open to the public 7 days a week. However, please know that any dog who finds a home will make an impact. 

See additional photos and learn more about each dog through our ADOPT page! All adoptable pets can be searched using their name or unique animal ID.


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