The Fulton County animal shelter will be open this Wednesday (August 23rd) but closed all day on Thursday (August 24th) due to the road closures surrounding the former president’s arrival at the Fulton County Jail located down the street from the animal shelter. To adopt or foster a dog on Thursday, please visit our Midtown shelter (981 Howell Mill Road NW) where there are over 100 dogs in need of homes this week. Thank you for your support!

The Fulton County Animal Shelter is out of housing space. We’re asking our community for help with stray pets so we can focus on emergency and critical situations. Animals in need will not and should not be abandoned. If you have found a healthy pet, please fill out a Found Pet Report. If you need other assistance please email but know that the response time is delayed due to incredibly high volumes of animals and people in need of assistance.  

If you lost a pet, please visit the shelter and check the lost pet website page.

Adopt a pet in July and choose your pet’s adoption fee! Our shelters are full of incredible pets waiting for homes, and to them, your love is priceless!
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The Fulton County Animal Services shelter has received a positive test result for Canine Flu. The shelter will remain under quarantine through June 7th. Fulton County Animal Services Officers will continue to respond to calls for service for incoming animals, but we need the community’s help. PLEASE come adopt or foster a dog from our overflow housing shelter (LifeLine Midtown at 981 Howell Mill Road)! Learn more now by visiting our FAQ page.

Urgent Dogs In Need

Content Warning and Trigger Warning: Euthanasia of Companion Animals

Given the overwhelming number of dogs housed at Fulton County Animal Services, our team is faced with making extremely difficult and expedited decisions regarding their pathway to a home. The dog profiles you see on this page are updated daily and have the most critical need of leaving the shelter behind, including at-risk dogs, urgent dogs, and urgent dogs with a deadline. They are displayed below starting with the most urgent then to the at-risk dogs. Each will have a photo banner that indicates their status.

Many of the dogs listed below have minor behavioral or health issues which, when paired with our extreme overcrowding, lead to deterioration in a shelter environment. Due to our space capacity and limited resources, we can no longer house them at the shelter and are seeking immediate placement with a foster or adopter where we know they will thrive. “At-Risk” refers to a decline in behavior we’ve witnessed in specific dogs as well as dogs who are otherwise disadvantaged in the shelter setting (i.e. dogs housed in an area of the shelter that doesn’t get much walk-through traffic from the public). “Urgent” means they have continued to deteriorate and have the most pressing need to leave the shelter behind. “Deadline” refers to the last day they can be placed in a home before being euthanized. 

Our goal is to provide transparent counseling and set each dog and family up for success when making a match. We will do our best to work with all interested adopters, including those who reside out of state. However, foster homes must be located within a reasonable travel distance to our shelter in the case of medical or behavioral emergencies. Please understand that each dog you see on this page has unique needs and may not be suited for all home environments. Some dogs have a minor bite history or would do best in a home without other pets. Their profiles below include a brief description of these needs.

For adopters and fosters who are interested in a dog seen on this page that can go home with resident pets, we encourage controlled introductions and are happy to help with meet and greets at the shelter. More information on this process can be found here.

For the next steps, please complete this brief form. We kindly ask for your patience as we work to respond to all adoption and foster inquiries. If for any reason you have not heard back from us within 48 hours, please send us a follow-up email to

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